Monday, June 22, 2015

Dog Days of Summer

Meet our new family memeber

We have been playing around with getting a dog for the boy for a long time.  I just couldn't commit.  With my allergies and never owning a dog, I knew it would be a lot to fall on me.
But when we met Tucker it all changed.
He is the sweetest boy ever.
He doesn't bark, he doesn't nip or drool.  He is super calm and super smart.

We are training him to become a companion dog for the boy.

The boy still has some issues with showing affection and recognizing an animal is even in the room.  I am hoping it will all start to sink in that he needs to feed him, love him and play with him and become BFFs

Never say never.  I can't wait for him to be a companion so we can take him with us every where we go.

So this is keeping us super busy this summer and we are still finding time to swim everyday and the visit new things.

  Like the Las Vegas Comic Con.
The boy was in absolute heaven meeting his heroes and super villains to attack.  

The goal of summer fun is happening, except for that stinkin' cold thing that hit us last week.  That I could have done without.  I am still trying to recover some energy...


Art @ Home said...

Did you get the pup through Paws With a Cause?
I think your son is going to get so many benefits from having a dog in the family.

Is he still riding horses? Does the barn suspend lessons when it's hot during the summer?


Rhonda said...

Well HELLO Tucker, love him, he is adorable. B will soon be his best friend.
I hope you feel better, a cold during any season is awful.

Stay cool and we have been swimming every day!

Julie said...

Ooohhh Amy ... Tucker is just adorable - look at that little face, look at those eyes !!!! Hope you have soon recovered some energy & your cold is long gone. Take care Amy - I LoVe your new family member ... & what a lucky dog he is to become part of your family :-)

Sue said...

Such sweet pictures of you all! It's nice to see that you are all doing well!

Take care my friend,

Gail said...

aw what a lovely addition to the family and looks like your lovely son and his new friend will be inseparable !! have a nice weekend ! Gail x