Monday, December 9, 2013


Finally we made it happen.
A getaway to go see family, and surprise friends and celebrate.

We took off for a a surprise visit, letting only a few people know we were headed to California for a week of fun.

Being an early celebration for the boy he turns the big 5 tomorrow officially.
But we wanted to have a party and play games so we rented a few lanes at Forrest Lanes in California.  We had a blast.

There were Uncles, Aunts and cousins, grammy and the dog.  Presents and cake.  Just a night free of stress and just him celebrating all we have accomplished in his 5 years.
He rocked the bowling party and danced after every spin.

Then it was a secret journey out to Redlands to see my awesome friend and texting buddy Lynn.

It was the hardest secret ever to keep from her.  But her reaction was priceless as I walked up to her beautiful booth.
I wish I had gotten it on video to share.  I couldn't stop oohing and aaahhing over her art and creative display.  Duh, why didn't I take more photos, gaaa.
Well it was a very cute show at the Redlands, YMCA and even though the drive back to Laguna took 3 hours instead of the normal hour, it was so worth it.
I will share my buys once I get it all set up.

After that,  Santa came early to grammys house.  All the cousins gathered to open gifts and share in a little playtime with the new toys unwrapped.
This boy was beyond excited.  I seriously didn't know how we were going to get all the bday gifts and xmas presents back home.

It really was a relaxing time spent out with family and friends and no shopping or running around.  Just time relaxing.

Now back to the coldest it has ever been for us since living here.  Boy I sure do wish we had a fireplace.  The day was spent running around looking for an actual winter coat.  Ha, stupid me.  Thanks to good friends(thanks Tina) who have hand me downs perfect for my boy.  Saved the day!  Cause 27* in the morning on the playground just doesn't work in a fleece jacket!!!

Off to cook us something super warm for dinner :)  Stay warm out there.


Rhonda said...

Lucky you heading to California! Sounds like a fantastic time. Look how happy B is!!

You can warm your feet by my fireplace any day!! Sure is cold out there.

Julie said...

Sounds like you had an amazing break away Amy - so pleased for you all. Spending time with family & friends is so precious. Gosh I cant beleive your little man is turning 5 !!!!!

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

Happy birthday to your sweet fun seeing his joyous celebration! How fun to surprise Lynn like that!!

Diana Mieczan said...

How special and amazing! Happy 5th birthday to your cutie and I am so glad that you had a blast. All the photos look beautiful and I love your sweater/coat in the 11th image. Happy Tuesday, darling and talk to you soon. xoxo Psst: stay cozy!

Petite Michelle Louise said...

what FUN! does the soul good to be"spontaneous" sometimes. just look at the boy's happy face! ;)

Lynn Richards said...

Best day. EVER.

Art @ Home said...

:D I know you were happy to visit your family.

Great photos, and I know our friend was so happy you surprised her!

Cute coffee sleeve, BTW….Did you make it? If so, I want one!!!

27 degrees is too cold. It's 75 here and stormy! :/

Gail said...

aw Amy how wonderful to surprise your friend ! looks like you had a great holiday!
Wishing you a warm and wonderful Christmas ! Love Gail x