Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas Eve

It has been a long while since my last post but if you follow me on instagram you are up on the situation around here. @vintagemarketp
Anyhoo,  there has been a ton going on around here, health (as always)
but I finally have all the answers to ease my mind and from here on out I hope never to speak of doctors or er visits again.

Santa came early to my sons school.  My hubby played Santa and handed out gifts to all the boys and girls.  It was so much fun seeing the excitement of children and santa.

We hosted friends (@lynnbluesky) this weekend and had so much fun.  The boys got to attend the USC bowl game and the girls got to sew, chat and drink coffee.

I loved every minute of it!  Oh and we got to shop at target together :)))

Then it was on to see the sights of Vegas, first up the Bellagio Conservatory and the water show.  It was so nice to just walk and chat and get lost in the touristy things. 

Then we got to shop at anthropologie or should I say drool. Oh this french case was amazing, but so was the price tag of $1400!!

Now we are in full Christmas eve mode,  baking cookies and last minute gifting.  Getting presents wrapped and all the things that come with surprising the boy for Christmas Morning.

 The boy got to meet santa dog, only in Vegas.

I have been told I need to learn how to relax and find calming activities to slow things down in my life.  We picked up some puzzles to sit and do Christmas afternoon or maybe even start tonight.  I don't know if its anything like Winston on the New Girl we might be in trouble ;)

I have been enjoying some old Andy Griffith episodes, Ernest T is always the best. 

So here is to a soothing and relaxing Christmas eve and Christmas day.
I hope all of you can find time to do the same.
Merry Christmas to all who have dropped by over the year.
I thank you all of your encouraging comments and friendships that have supported us thru hard times.  It means the world to us.


Art @ Home said...

Christmas Blessings to you and your guys! Have a wonderful one!!!

Sweet post, and we've been watching The New Girl lately. ;P


Rhonda said...

Just love you dear friend. What a beautiful soul you have and I am blessed to know you. Sitting next to you having lunch was simply icing on the friendship cake this year!!

What a year it's been and I cannot help but feel you and your family are on the path of great times ahead.

Merry Christmas and I have to ask, is that dog real?? It's too cute.

Love this post and a sewing day? I pray for those. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

afistfullofweeds* said...

Merry Christmas to you and yours!

Julie said...

Happy christmas my dear friend across the globe :-) It is christmas day here now ... I think little B has grown since you last posted pics of him, he looks taller somehow. I wish I could come over & park my sewing machine beside you girls & have some creative time with likeminded friends!!! Thinking of you, sending warm wishes your way x0x0x