Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Spring and Renewing

For the last 6 months I have been dealing with a major hair disaster.
I went to a very high end salon here in Downtown Las Vegas and the ruined my hair.
It was badly bleached out and turned green then it began to fall off and turned into a big fuzzy ball of a mess.
I tried conditioning, oiling and not washing it for weeks at a time.
Nothing really worked.
The only thing to do was to cut it all off.
I was devastated.
I have not had short hair in probably 16-17 years. 
I put it off.  I kept it up and out of my way hoping it would bounce back.

Last week I woke up and said enough,  I can't look at it any longer and begged my hubby to take his clippers to it and shave it off.  He asked me to sign a waiver before he picked up the clippers. 

I closed my eyes and the next thing I knew...it was all gone.
It took him 3 hours but it was worth it.

I am in love with it and can't imagine why I was holding on to that broken, dead frizzy hair.

 I feel fresh, alive and so happy again.  Hair always made me feel pretty.  I know it is silly but it did.  Funny thing is, now I feel beautiful and not that I think that I am, but the feeling of letting it all go and starting fresh makes me feel amazing.  Ready for summer!


Julie said...

Well I would certainly be in love with it too Amy - you look fantastic my friend !!! You suit it SOOOO much!!! And you DO look fresh, alive & happy again. Gosh he did a fantastic job - did you instruct him along the way?? I laughed about him making you sign a waiver. I have had hairdressers ruin my hair before & had to cut it short once too. You look so great & suit that style Amy. Happy days to you my friend x0x0

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

You look beautiful, Amy...wonderful edgy modern look...it suits you!

janzi said...

a truly marvellous cut, your husband is very very clever with the scissors.. well done you two, and now you can really feel renewed.. I think it also suits you extremely well.. I have just discovered your blog and will be back again soon.. hugs from over the pond for being so brave in having it cut.. I know how hard that decision can be!