Monday, May 27, 2013

Let Summer Begin

Today officially marks the last of Spring in Vegas.
The temps rise quickly now to 100+ until October.
We will get out and ride our bikes and take a swim before that heat sets in for good.

The porch is decorated for summer and I even was inspired by my good pal Julie to plant some real flowers to spruce it all up.

It looks so fresh and summery, lets just hope I can keep them alive once the heat sets in.

Lets take this day to relax and enjoy some family time.
As the evening sets in I will sit back and enjoy some crazy family time with the first season of Duck Dynasty.  I am hooked, as commander Phil would say, Happy, Happy, Happy.

As I watch I crochet.  My afghan is growing and growing.
I took a long break from it while on vacation.  I should have been done by now so it is nice to get back to it.   While I work on it the boy usually crawls up underneath it to keep warm from the cold air conditioning.  It is so funny to have to try to work it as he cuddles under.

Hope ya'll have a great holiday!


Rhonda said...

Yes, let summer begin!! Happy Memorial Day to you and your family.
We are enjoying this cool morning because it will be warm later on in the day.

With water and shade your flowers should last a bit. :)

Anonymous said...

Your porch looks wonderful Amy, and I love the blanket your making!!
Wishing you a beautiful week my friend.

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

Your porch looks so festive and I love the afghan! Your posts always have a cozy feeling to me!

Julie said...

Wow Amy . . . your afghan has grown so much!!! Great work, even though you say you dont get to sit at it much, it sure is growing lots. I love your porch - all of it - especially love your wreath & the colours you have used. Hard to believe its summer there as we have snow on our mountains this morning & Oh so chilly!!! Happy crocheting my dear friend, Julie x0x

Diana Mieczan said...

yay to summer and your porch looks beautiful, sweetie. Kisses