Sunday, September 23, 2012

Dreaming of Fall

A good way to pass my day...
Cup of coffee, new Lucky style guide for Fall, and clouds.
It is very gloom here today but still very, very HOT!
Not at all what I am dreaming of ;(
I want crisp, cool days to bundle in a sweater, under a quilt outside watching the child play.

We were outside for a few minutes playing soccer and had to quit after only a few kicks.
The clouds are tricking us to think we will open the door to cool breezes but it is just a wall of heat.

So I will flip thru my new magazine and do some online shopping...
this is my new want, I just adore this cardigan from Free People


Rhonda said...

You are right, it is still hot! I've been outside straightening up our deck and I could not believe how hot it is.

Love your choice in sweaters!

Julie said...

LOVE that cardigan Amy - wishing for some cooler temperatures for you real soon :-) Julie