Wednesday, August 31, 2011

PUBLISHED IN Somerset Studio

Yes, I got that coveted Yellow Letter!
I can't believe it.
I was included in this months Somerset Studio Alfred Hitchcock edition
I can't think of a more fitting issue to be in.
Thanks Somerset so much for including my centerpiece in your lovely magazine.
I am so honored to be in this publication

I went to the mailbox late last night and it was the only thing in there to greet me!
I almost fainted and couldn't open the packaging fast enough.
Thanks for all of you who have encouraged me over the years to submit to these publications.
Sorry the pictures aren't the best my hands must still be shaking, lol
Celebration begins now :)
Happy Halloween!!!!


rudy said...

CONGRATULATIONS !!!!! all the hard work and LOVE you put into your work pays off with great recognition. VERY proud of you, perhaps i'll reward you with flowers. ;)

Anonymous said...

SO,SO PROUD of you!!!! Your artwork is so amazing Amy, and I am so happy that you finally submitted it to Somerset!! You truly deserve this!!
Have a beautiful night!

Gail said...

I'm over the moon happy for you! Of course you deserve to be in this beautiful magazine, and I so love that centerpiece you created......sooooo perfect!
Congratulations my friend, keep on submitting!

Vicki said...

CONGRATS!!!! I hope I didn't ruin the surprise by leaving you that comment last night. I was just so excited to see your piece in SS. Very well deserved. Enjoy every moment.

Rhonda said...

I had to call you, I just had to.
I'm so happy for you, you have no idea.

You so deserve this, you work so hard at being original and unique.


Ricki Treleaven said...

I thought I had already commented on the post...I must be losing it! Congrats, Amy. Your recognition is well-deserved!


Congrats, Amy!!! What a great accomplishment! You are so talented!!! We all celebrate with you!
~ Julie

Vintage Market Place said...

Thanks everyone!

Ricki, You did comment, on the other blog, lol.

Unknown said...

very exciting - I love somerset studio!

x. jill
those ghosts

Cindy Adkins said...

Hi Amy--This is totally thrilling!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!! This is amazing awesome news--and I'd be shaking too!!

Tanya from Dans le Lakehouse said...


Sue said...

Congrat's Amy!! I'm so proud of you and know what an honor this must be for you. When are you coming down our way to shop again? We all look forward to seeing you!

Take care, Sue

Unknown said...

this is soooooo exciting! wow...I am over the moon for you amy! you so deserve this recognition! your art is one-of-a-kind...original...unique! can't WAIT to get my hands on a copy and yell.... out line at my favorite bookstore...."I KNOW this girl!! I KNOW this girl!!" :0 (worth getting thrown out of the store for!)

Anonymous said...


Diana Mieczan said...

Oh my goodness..that is super fantastic. Congrats, darling. You are truly increrdible. I've been so busy lately but now I am going to catch up a bit on your blog. Cant wait. Muah. Enjoy your Friday.

Alexa said...

Oh my goodness. Congrats! What an honor!

Kate said...

Amy your work is amazing and congrats on such a successful publishing. What a true honor on your hard work. Take care and look forward to your next visit


Melissa Blake said...

Hi there -- just found your blog. Congrats on the awesome honor!! :)

Clara Turbay said...

I really like this post. Please come and check out mine.

Unknown said...

CONGRATS! How exciting!

xx Cristina

Blessed Serendipity said...

Congratulations on being published! How exciting for you. You have a great blog and I have been catching up on some of your earlier posts. I just signed up to be your newest follower. Hope you stop by and say hello.


Unknown said...

Do you see the big smile on my face??? I don't think anyone deserves it more.

Natalie Suarez said...

CUTE!! love it :)


ChiccaStyle said...

Oh, wow congratulations!!!I am so proud of you!

Tricia said...

Oh, how exciting! Congratulations :)

Unknown said...

Well CONGRATULATIONS! :) That is so wonderful!


Unknown said...

Congrats, how wonderful!