Friday, August 30, 2013

Goodbye August...Hello Fall

WOW I seriously can't believe that August is over.
I don't remember an August ever flying by like this in my life.
Whoohoo!!! Bring on the Fall, pumpkin patch, boots, sweaters and lattes

Our first week of school went by and so much fun was had. The boy adores his school and teachers.  I never thought we would find a fit for him but wow, did we ever luck out.  I can't wait for him to experience real school with real teachers this fall season.  He has already done so much art and school work and it is only week 1.

In his old school we never got art or school work.  Amazing the difference of public and private schooling.
He comes home happy, silly and full of joy. Then falls fast asleep

What a week of weather too.  Starting the week so cool and rain filled days to so hot and sticky, ya think you are back in the midwest for summer. YUCK!
At least it poured this morning one last time before the last of the summer heat hits.
I was so hoping it would last all day but it moved thru really fast :(

But the day was spent sewing and making more dream catchers for my shows.

I am stockpiling now and my etsy shop will just have to live on vintage goods for a bit.  I don't have time to spare to sit and make enough for both right now.

The good thing is all of my product is being made from all things I already have in the house.  I am making it a rule of use what I got til its gone.
I will start fresh and new after all the shows are over.

I started on a new pattern today.  I think it needs some tweaking, I need just plain material I think.  Angel wings...I will play around with them a bit more and see where they go.  I was just being silly and put this together but this is not what I want to do with them.

Well we finished a week of school, and he received a balloon from his favorite teacher ever.  He named it Hutchins and said " Hutchins, do you want to come back to Brooklyn's house?"  He then made Hutchins reply in a soft voice, "yes Brooklyn, I would love to come to your house"
Couldn't put a better ending on the week...have a great holiday weekend everyone.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Summers Return

After days of being completely spoiled by the grey skies and rain, we are back to icky heat. Worse than normal with humidity, ugh...
I was so in fall mode.

But reality is back, my boots will have to go to the closet and wait to be worn outside.

I will keep the pumpkin candles lit and dream inside of it being fall soon.
Speaking of Dreams...

Back to making dream catchers, I sold another today and that will be all I list til after my shows.  I won't have any left if I put them in Vintage Marketplace.

I have to crack down now. Only 1 and half months till my first show.  eeeks!!
No more wasting time. I gotta get sewing.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Autumn Feeling

We awoke bright and early.
The skies dark, cloudy and grey.
Rain falling ever so slightly.
Just enough to make it really feel like a real Autumn day.  Just like I remember them to be growing up back in Southern Illinois.  Those dark mornings, wet and drizzly down at the bus stop, waiting for my first day of school.

He was so excited to get to school today.  But this year is different, no more school bus to wait on, no more silly morning chats on the front porch.
We kept him in private school. 
He pointed out every school bus he saw on the drive to school today.
Not once did he ask to ride one, but instead asked for his teacher.
He adores his teacher.  She treats him with kindness and greets him with big hugs and sometimes even a kiss on the cheek.  They have a bond that he has never had with any other teacher.  She told me today that he has been placed in her heart and she started crying a bit.  This is what we desperately need more of in schools.  Teachers willing to take on children with special needs and treat them with gentle hands and kind words.  Making sure they feel as much as part of the class as all the other children do.

He wakes up asking for his teacher and if it is time to go to school.
He races downstairs to grab his backpack, yelling come on mom!!
This is something he never did at his old school.  I can only hope that how he is treated now in school will give him the love and strength to go everyday and face his challenges with a smile.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Always A Performer

My boy was born in the right town.
I see him one day on stage downtown here with his own variety show.

Spending one of our last days of summer outside and always hamming it up for the camera.

Tomorrow the official school year finally starts.  To me that means summer is over and fall is on its way.

Today was the last day spent in our jammies until noon, lazing around.

And if the storms hit this afternoon, they might catch us in the park on a scavenger hunt.

This summer was hectic but pretty amazing.  The first summer I have ever really enjoyed in my life.  But it is time to say goodbye summer and hello fall.  I am ready for all things warm and cozy...

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Earth Mother

Working away on my earthy dream catchers.

Strips of vintage linens, lace and ribbons just weren't enough so I had to embellish with some handmade pompoms.

I am thrilled with how they are turning out.

The pompoms give it so much more texture and bohemian style 
Very free spirit like.

I am on the fence if I should go ahead and put them in Vintage Marketplace or keep them for my show stock.

Weigh in, what should I do?

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Embracing Me

Autumn is just around the corner. (image via pinterest)
Now normally I am hitting the malls or shopping online for the perfect fall outfits and newest accessories.

But this year is different, for many reasons.
Last year I spent depressed and trying to hide from myself. Trying to become someone new and spending all day in the shops and buying things to disguise my pain.  I tried becoming a different girl.  One that was obsessed with all the new looks, trends, and styles.
None of it ever made me happy.  The clothes would just sit in my closet, the handbags would get returned a few weeks later, the jewelery would become useless pieces just laying never to be worn.

When I awoke from my depression earlier this summer I realized who I am,

yep I am that same tomboy I have always been, that hates dresses, heels and fancy get ups.  I am at home in t-shirt and jeans, shorts and flannels.  Canvas bags, and chuck taylors.  Comfy socks and boots.   Long hair, pulled back in a ponytail or braids.
My jewelry consists of a wedding ring and an old bandana wrapped around my wrist.
Sure, I totally love fashion, always have.  I can appreciate the styles and trends.  But back when I was working in thrifts, I adapted the high end for what I could afford and made it work.

This year I am embracing me, I will be myself and love my tomboy look.
Yesterday I hit a thrift for the first time in I don't know how long to search for clothing.  We are on a strict budget this Fall and I am not going to spend more than $5 on a flannel shirt. Yesterday I found 2 well loved, broken in flannels for 3.99.  I was thrilled!!  The blue is the softest, like a blankie. The other good ol' Eddie Bauer softest cotton ever.

I hit the clearance rack at Target and found the most adorable navy sailor shorts and camping shorts for 50% off.

Since it stays warm here until November, I will wear shorts much longer than most of the country.  Pair them with tees and flannels and a rockin' pair of boots and my canvas/leather reversable carryall, I am set.  This bag is a reversible Marc Jacobs mens carryall, softest leather on one side green canvas on the other.  Which I found for half price on Zappos!  Completely reversible for two bags is one! Genius.  And it carries my Maileg cat perfectly :)

I posed this question to my good friend Lynn, If you could only choose one staple piece of clothing to spend money on for your fall wardrobe what would it be?
My decision was between a really good sweater or a great pair of leather boots.

With Lynn's help I went with boots and the rest of my pieces will be from the thrifts to layer with.  Boots by Sorel.

So my one staple that I will spend good money on will be the boots that will last a lifetime.  I will fill in with thrift and clearance finds, the rest will be from my own closet. 
Happy Fall!  What would be your one splurge for fall?  I would love to know. 

Monday, August 19, 2013

Sunshine and Sewing

I couldn't wait to get back into my studio today.
Yesterday was such a great day of sorting, cutting, piecing and organizing to the sounds of thunder and rain, that I couldn't wait to start all over again today. Minus the rain, :(

Things just go so smooth now that my space is free of clutter and I know exactly where everything is.
It saves so much time and energy.  Amazing on how much I can get done while the boy is at school, now that everything has a place.

This was my desk today.

I laid out all my cut dress pieces matched up all the pocket toys and pom poms for them.  Then I started sewing doll bodies.

And I even did some pillow towns that I had for over a year just sitting on the back burner.

Packages were addressed and off to the post office in a flash. 

A few romantic french love letters were made and put in the shop Vintage Marketplace.

Most of the other goods will not hit the shop but be boxed away for my upcoming shows.
If you see anything you are dying to have, just email me.

The afternoon will be spent hand sewing items shut, while the boy watches scooby doo and plays with his toys.

I made him a ghost last night for his play set, per his request....glad to say that he loves it and has slid it over his spiderman toy to have the scooby gang unveil him as the bad guy, lol.  We have already watched "Its the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown" and soon it will be nap time.  I hope to sit at the sewing table and get some more doll bodies put together. 

BTW, thanks for everyone commenting and sharing what your craft means to you and how you give back.  It really is inspiring to hear about so many of you out there and the causes you help support.

What are you working on today?  I am also working on having my cat not attack my scissors....what a nut.
Also you can see what I am up to on Instagram I tend to post a lot more pics of what I am working on, find me @vintagemarketp