Friday, January 23, 2015

Crochet Therapy

Life is ticking along here.
Lots of the same of fighting doctors, schools, teachers but there is a bright spot ahead in all of this.
Everything seems to becoming together in a flash that will make life so much better.
More on that later.

For now I will show you what I have been working on that keeps my mind off the bad and focused on the good.

These little bandana scarves are my newest love and thank goodness I have a perfect model for them

He is my little sheriff and the inspiration behind them.

These are now in my etsy shop ready to ship.

I am also making them in big kid and adult sizes with fun patches on them
Very whimsical.

At night I sit and work on this mega bulky crochet throw.  It is soft and gorgeous and I only need one more skein to finish it.  Perfect to curl up with since the house gets so cold at night in the living room
I just finished this hat too ( forgive the pic but it was late and I wanted to prove I finished it) It gave me the worst headache to figure this pattern out.
I had to frog it 4 times before I switched the hook and yarn gauge.
I fell in love with it because it is so late1930's early 40's in style.  It came out darling and I wish I lived in a cooler climate to actually wear it.
But it was a challenge and I love a good challenge and to prove I can do it.

So that is what I have been up to (fun wise)  Crocheting is my therapy

Monday, January 5, 2015

Its been awhile

New year and finding time to write a little bit.
A lot going on and a lot of making.

Here are a few of my new favorite items that are ready for the New year.

These crochet buckeye vintage wood bead bracelets are my favorite thing ever.  Cozy, wintery and they say the buckeye brings wealth and good luck.
A perfect accessory to start off the New Year don't ya think?

I also started these super cute little patches.  Backed in felt and ready to sew on whatever you like.

These little dress up animals are just darling, I can let my imagination fly in creating clothes for them.

And then yes, I started Valentines Day creating.

Like my infamous Dear Santa Letter, these Love Letter pockets are perfect for holding treats, candies and prizes for your secret love.

One other primitive, victorian style door hanger for Valentines day and beyond.  A pair of vintage leather gloves holding a love letter to place on your door knob or wall. 

All of these items are available in my etsy shop or on my IG @vintagemarketp

So I am still creating away and not blogging so much.  If you are on Instagram please stop by.  I post multiple times daily...its just faster and easier for me to keep up with.
I miss blogging and checking in on my favorite bloggers but mom life has become very full and trying to relieve myself from unnecessary stresses.
Blogging was the first to go.  :(
But I hope to be able to pop in once a month or so to update things.

Happy 2015!