Wednesday, August 31, 2011

PUBLISHED IN Somerset Studio

Yes, I got that coveted Yellow Letter!
I can't believe it.
I was included in this months Somerset Studio Alfred Hitchcock edition
I can't think of a more fitting issue to be in.
Thanks Somerset so much for including my centerpiece in your lovely magazine.
I am so honored to be in this publication

I went to the mailbox late last night and it was the only thing in there to greet me!
I almost fainted and couldn't open the packaging fast enough.
Thanks for all of you who have encouraged me over the years to submit to these publications.
Sorry the pictures aren't the best my hands must still be shaking, lol
Celebration begins now :)
Happy Halloween!!!!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

White Wednesday

Hi Everyone Thanks for joining me for White Wednesday
I am joining Kathleen at Faded Charm...
If you don't know or have never been to Faded Charm
and you love all things white, you should go on over and take a look.

Today I am sharing a new altered art creation
I love vintage coin purses and this one had a different shape than all the others I have seen
it works great on its side.
So I opened it up and it has three compartments.
Great for holding some extra treasures.
I watched The Young Victoria last night.
Oh such a good movie. I never really knew of her background before.
She was so concerned with her people and the love of her life.
Very inspiring indeed.
So this piece was in dedication to her.

Witches Brew

New Garlands listed today here
The other one sold so fast I was inspired to make one more.
$9 plus $3 shipping

Loving My Home

Today I need to focus on loving my home.
It is in need of fluffing and organizing.
We started with my tiny master closet the other day. I think I want more cubbys to showcase my clutches on. Now I am ready to tackle some other spaces in the house.I really need to finish up new curtains for the bedroom and get the bedding together for the approaching fall season. I am still working on twisting Rudy's arm for my love of the Rose carpeting for the bedroom.Maybe some encouraging comments from you all would help, lol
I am desperately trying to add some mod to the house with all the distressed but its not going well.I purchased these amazing lanterns the other night and I LOVE THEM. I just can't seem to fit them in....anywhere.
Todays goal will be cleaning out, getting rid of and bringing in the new loves.

And if it were so darn hot out, I would love to organize the backyard.
I don't even want to have the dining room curtains open to see the hideous thing called a yard.
I would love to open the drapes to reveal a pleasant background....dreaming of course of a field of green and trees to gaze out on. Hey, maybe we can paint a mural on the neighbors house to appear to be a field and trees.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Shabby French Inspired Goods

Finally found some time to sit and make a few things for my shop.
A fabulous lined journal covered in vintage doilies and cabinet card surrounded in pearls.

And this quilted heart
I just love this vintage quilt material. It is shiny on one side and super dull cotton on the other.
scrumptious I tell you.
If you are interested in any of these, You can purchase directly from my blog
just leave a comment or send me an email.

Cabbages and Roses Giveaway

How sweet are the gals at Cabbages and Roses?
They are truly a giving company that cares so much about their customers.
I had a lovely chance to win a great giveaway over at Modern Country.
I was thrilled to receive the email saying I had won and to be expecting a package from this lovely store.
When returning home this Summer, I found the most beautiful packaged oversized white sack waiting for me to open.
I wish I had taken a picture of the wrappings, to die!
Layer after layer was a new surprise. I had no idea I had been given so much.
Starting with the most beautiful bookmark/cards stationary. I adore the vintage photos used on them, they really are a piece of art.
Then the buffalo checked Travel Bag. I use it to carry my oversized camera in since I am not a makeup kinda gal. It is perfect made of the best linen and lined. So useful and pretty.Wait there is still more...
A beautiful book, Guide to Natural Housekeepingfull of great tips and gorgeous pictures to get you inspired and to teach you to love your home.
And to top it off the Signature Cabbages and Roses Linen and stamped pillow cover with down pillow.
I die!
So amazing and wonderful keepsakes.
I thank Aina from Mondern Country and Cabbages and Roses for a great package.
They will always be cherished in my home.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Witching Season

Inspired to get in my studio today by a great friend, I looked around and thought...what in the world am I going to work with?Seeing some of my Halloween ephemera, I thought...yes!
I must use some of my things to make some fun Halloween garlands.
They turned out so vintage looking.Are you ready for fall.
I am ready for cool temps, and a sweater kinda night.
This garland is available for purchase
$8 with $3 shipping

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Lust vs Reality

While browsing a new blog late last night I found the most amazing shoes.
Now, while these have been everywhere for months I have not seen them in this color combo.
My heart immediately started beating fast and quickly went to the Neiman's shoe store to see the cost. A mere $890. Right!!!
So I get a reality check fast.
Think Amy, I am a SAHM of a 2 year old. I stay home or run errands most of my days.
When would these shoes ever be needed in my life.
Not to mention here we are again, I am 6ft, do I really need shoes that project me into the clouds?
Lets think practical and still get a cute shoe that is more doable in my daily routine and a fraction of the cost.
I stumbled upon these, Nine West gold glitter ballet flats.I wore them today to run errands with a skinny cuffed jean and navy striped shirt.
Oh, I love them. These were on clearance for $20.
They give me the girly gold glitter that I long for and a practical look for running around chasing a 2year old ;)

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Dreaming on a bed of Roses

I have been searching and searching for great rugs for the house,
having no luck whatsoever.
Totally kicking myself for passing the best rug up at a flea, '40s floral hook rug HUGE, and the price was only $40!!!!
Knowing I will never come across another one like it or for that is time to start saving my pennies for this one
Available at Dash and Albert
I want this so bad it hurts
It has the fun I am dying to add to the house and a total girl vibe but goes with the subdued bedroom.
sigh, why do I have the taste of a queen and the income of a pauper

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

ooh la la

French Pastry Hat
Made with soft organic white yarn
layered in vintage doilies with a vintage leather and grosgrain bow
can tie around with vintage black grosgrain ribbon or pin it on
brimmed in lace on the inside for structure
Available for Purchase
$35 plus $8 shipping

Monday, August 22, 2011

New Hats

New hats are being added to the shop
Vintage doily, vintage rhinestones and all organic cotton yarn.
I just think it screams 1920's wedding clocheAvailable to purchase $25 plus $6 shipping

Little Girl at Heart

Yep, I am an almost 40 year old little girl.
Sitting here sick as a dog today, I will just share a vision of my blythe loves lps doll with my mod alarm clock ticking away.
She makes me smile
Hope ya'll are having a great Monday. I hope to be back up on my feet soon.
Figures, when I am down and sick, I have the itch to make something pretty.
Maybe I will crochet a hat while I sit here on the couch today watching movies.
Totally inspired by the Marc Jacobs line of berets...I have started on a few and love the way they look. Its not finished but the design is there.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Enjoying my Nest

I feel like I have lost my crafting mojo.
It just isn't there right now, and I know there is no forcing it or it just will turn out to be something I hate or tossed to the side unfinished.
I hope it returns soon. The last time I lost it was when I was pregnant. I had no desire whatsoever to craft.Etsy isn't helping matters either. Their whole new way of listing in relevancy instead of recency has really hurt business. Seems no one is understanding this concept, buyers or sellers.
So until that gets sorted out I am not wasting time on making new items for no one to find.
Instead I have given more attention lately to my own nest.
Reworking things. Making more of a space for my family to feel comfortable in.
I have brought so much home from my recent travels that I need to sit and make my own home pretty with it all.I have some big surprises coming soon for people in my life. and as soon as I share it with them I will share it here with all of you.
Have a great Sunday :)

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Fall Issues

Well finally the September fashion issues are out
that means putting my feet up and passing the day away flipping thru and dreaming of fall.
The house will be dark and cold and the candles of pumpkin scents will be burning.
This is how I enjoy the September issues, how bout you?

Friday, August 19, 2011

Color Curtains and Hair Bows

I have been itching to add color and pattern to my home.
I love the industrial and primitives styles but I need something to make me smile too.

I removed my brown dull curtains from my studio yesterday and made a huge looking hair bow curtain with the floral sheet from this post. I found this amazing black and white stripe bow in a fun Japanese hipsters booth in Cali this summer and I had to have it.
I love the way it brightens up the whole room.

While out thrifting late the other night, I came across a painting print that made me smile.My great aunt jenny had one like it hanging for years in her home. Lass with Kitten
Okay sweet right, then pan out....HELLO 1960's an almost neon orange plastic frame flaked in gold. Mind you this is a 16 x24 print. Thats a little too much color for me...I think I will paint it.
A nice high gloss blue.

Rearranging some of my collections and finding a few more Cub staplers I lined them up in a row on top of my vintage candy machine. What a punch it makes!
So happy to finally add a little color to the house. It makes it cheery and I am really obsessed with soft floral patterns that are bold and hair bows of course. Can't get enough.
Stay tuned for more changes.