Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween

It is here and it seems it is here way too fast.
I did not get to enjoy my most favorite month enough, in a blink of an eye its gone :(

Today was of course costume party and tricks or treats at school.
I think the boy felt like he fit in for the first time in his life with his friends.
This is my most favorite picture of the day.

It is sure to be an awesome night and he is sleeping now to get the energy he will need to walk the neighborhood tonight.

But last night we pulled out all the stops.
First up was the last night at the pumpkin patch.
One last time at the bounce houses and the petting zoo.

This horrible spinning boat ride, ugh makes my stomach turn just looking at the pics.

Then it was on to the park to play a rousing game of ZOMBIE TAG

Poor kid, I snapped this photo of him and he looked at it so concerned that he had really turned into a zombie.

We played for another 20 minutes and as soon as we got back in the truck, he climbed up to the mirror and felt his eyes and looked deep into the mirror to make sure he was okay.
We couldn't stop laughing.

Tonight we have the house decked out for spooky fun and games.

I hate to see the month end but tomorrow will bring November and a ease of life.  Making sure to spend each day appreciating life and family.

Be safe out there tonight little goblins
Happy Halloween 2013!

Monday, October 28, 2013

Baby its Cold Outside

Oh man it is so Autumn like here today and I am loving it.
The winds are crazy and blustery and the clouds are rolling in.  They are calling for rain this afternoon.  My whole front porch display blew down and was a mess to clean this morning.  But yet I still love this weather.

We dropped the boy off at school and set out on a treasure hunting adventure.
Bundled up and and off we went.  It was a fast realization that we live in the worst antiquing city ever and we came home pretty much empty handed.

It was fun just being out with my hubby and enjoying the weather and walking around.

As for the rest of our week...I am in every night to watch the World Series, I think it is not good for my heart to watch this series.
But I do so anyway.  To me it is better than a thriller movie.


As I watch I do crochet and was inspired by the latest issue of Simply Crochet to work on this little acorn holder and I made some Buckeye covers too.  Woodland fun :)

The week was very warm and we set out to teach the boy how to ride his bike free of training wheels, yep Nailed it!  Within 10 minutes he was off and going on his own.

The cats found some time to sunbathe

I finished my Mary Kay Andrews book last night and I can say it was just so good reading her books again.  Loved every minute of it.  I do have to say that you should read her other books before to get a grasp on the characters.
But I highly recommend it for a fun read.

Otherwise same ol same ol around here.
Oh we did pop in the Bellagio Conservatory yesterday for some autumn fun.
The talking tree was a bit too creepy but otherwise very cozy.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Monday Studio and Life

Here it is Monday again.
It is about the only day that I can blog anymore.

Life is full and no we didn't get a day away or even a minute this weekend.
It was very full of life around here.

Lets keep fingers crossed for maybe this weekend some slow down time will come to us.

Today was spent like a mad woman sewing and stamping as fast as my hands would go.  I had stacks and stacks of special order Santa Letters to go out today.

I didn't think I would meet my deadline, I started in and didn't realize I was using the wrong stamp until a whole set was almost complete. Ugh...out came everything again to start over.  Luckily I did meet my deadline and all of them are in the mail as I type.

I have not been crocheting up anything in the evenings either.
Mary Kay Andrews put out a new Christmas book- Christmas Bliss,

and I couldn't get my hands on it fast enough.  I adore her books (except for the last few, sorry MKA) but this one is back on track and I am in love.  The first book I ever read of hers was Blue Christmas and I was hooked, I read everything she put out after that in record time.  With the few minutes I get in the evening I read and my eyes fall asleep as I am turning a page but it is so good I just can't put it down.  I can't read things in record time anymore, but that is okay because I want this to last as long as possible :)

Wrapping this up now and getting up to tidy the house before bedtime hits.
Happy Monday see you next Monday if not before ;)

Wednesday, October 16, 2013


Life has been a roller coaster lately.
I am holding on as tight as I can but some days are just about letting go and wanting to dream.

I dream of waking to a day not filled with doctors, fighting schools or therapies.  I dream of just relaxing and having no where to run or have meetings with.

Yesterday I even forgot what day it was and missed all my Tuesday appointments.  I felt horrible, has life come to brain is fried.

I think it is time to stop dreaming and wake up with clear eyes and mind and go and do something.

We need a day off as a family and I hate the thought of running from our problems but it might just be what we need to feel normal again.

I think it is time to breathe new life into us again.
Lets press the reset button.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Monday Holiday

Ok, can I just say, lets do away with bogus holidays that don't mean a darn thing anymore.
It throws my whole day off and for no reason.  At least the schools don't follow this silly holiday, so off to school the boy went.

It was a cold and dark start to our morning and everyone wanted to stay cuddled in bed.  But the coffee was calling and I had to get moving.
Ya know it's a cold morning when the cat just curls his head under and is not begging for treats.

My weekend was good, my Cardinals are one game away from winning the NLCS against my husbands Dodgers...the tension around here is a little thick ;)
At least we had my show before the second win, and he was still willing to help set my show up with me.

Some have asked how the show went.
 (setting up)
It was different, a strange show that I have never done before and so it was good to start small again after having so many years off.
It was more for ladies trying to sell their overabundance of supplies and fabrics from years of hoarding.  I was one of the only booths that was selling actual handmade things.

But it worked out for me.  It started off rough but by the middle it was worth it.  I met a lot of nice folks and some folks that just don't have filters.

It is really disrespectful to commend me for my ideas and say you have never seen anything like it and then say I can't wait to do this for my show.
Then say, we will see who's booth gets more attention at Doodlebug.  Doodlebug is a BIG craftshow in December.  Nerts to you awful ladies.
The craft world is strange.
Anyway, it all turned out good and I thank all those that came out to support me and my ideas.

And being told my booth was best in show was very nice indeed.
My pictures do not show much, the sun was very bright and not cooperative.

I will be happy to do the Doodlebug indoor show.  It is easier to make displays and feel more cozy.
So if you are in the Las Vegas area Dec 7  come on out to Boulder City for the big show.

Well off I go to get ready for game 3 Go Cardinals!!