Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas Eve

It has been a long while since my last post but if you follow me on instagram you are up on the situation around here. @vintagemarketp
Anyhoo,  there has been a ton going on around here, health (as always)
but I finally have all the answers to ease my mind and from here on out I hope never to speak of doctors or er visits again.

Santa came early to my sons school.  My hubby played Santa and handed out gifts to all the boys and girls.  It was so much fun seeing the excitement of children and santa.

We hosted friends (@lynnbluesky) this weekend and had so much fun.  The boys got to attend the USC bowl game and the girls got to sew, chat and drink coffee.

I loved every minute of it!  Oh and we got to shop at target together :)))

Then it was on to see the sights of Vegas, first up the Bellagio Conservatory and the water show.  It was so nice to just walk and chat and get lost in the touristy things. 

Then we got to shop at anthropologie or should I say drool. Oh this french case was amazing, but so was the price tag of $1400!!

Now we are in full Christmas eve mode,  baking cookies and last minute gifting.  Getting presents wrapped and all the things that come with surprising the boy for Christmas Morning.

 The boy got to meet santa dog, only in Vegas.

I have been told I need to learn how to relax and find calming activities to slow things down in my life.  We picked up some puzzles to sit and do Christmas afternoon or maybe even start tonight.  I don't know if its anything like Winston on the New Girl we might be in trouble ;)

I have been enjoying some old Andy Griffith episodes, Ernest T is always the best. 

So here is to a soothing and relaxing Christmas eve and Christmas day.
I hope all of you can find time to do the same.
Merry Christmas to all who have dropped by over the year.
I thank you all of your encouraging comments and friendships that have supported us thru hard times.  It means the world to us.

Monday, December 9, 2013


Finally we made it happen.
A getaway to go see family, and surprise friends and celebrate.

We took off for a a surprise visit, letting only a few people know we were headed to California for a week of fun.

Being an early celebration for the boy he turns the big 5 tomorrow officially.
But we wanted to have a party and play games so we rented a few lanes at Forrest Lanes in California.  We had a blast.

There were Uncles, Aunts and cousins, grammy and the dog.  Presents and cake.  Just a night free of stress and just him celebrating all we have accomplished in his 5 years.
He rocked the bowling party and danced after every spin.

Then it was a secret journey out to Redlands to see my awesome friend and texting buddy Lynn.

It was the hardest secret ever to keep from her.  But her reaction was priceless as I walked up to her beautiful booth.
I wish I had gotten it on video to share.  I couldn't stop oohing and aaahhing over her art and creative display.  Duh, why didn't I take more photos, gaaa.
Well it was a very cute show at the Redlands, YMCA and even though the drive back to Laguna took 3 hours instead of the normal hour, it was so worth it.
I will share my buys once I get it all set up.

After that,  Santa came early to grammys house.  All the cousins gathered to open gifts and share in a little playtime with the new toys unwrapped.
This boy was beyond excited.  I seriously didn't know how we were going to get all the bday gifts and xmas presents back home.

It really was a relaxing time spent out with family and friends and no shopping or running around.  Just time relaxing.

Now back to the coldest it has ever been for us since living here.  Boy I sure do wish we had a fireplace.  The day was spent running around looking for an actual winter coat.  Ha, stupid me.  Thanks to good friends(thanks Tina) who have hand me downs perfect for my boy.  Saved the day!  Cause 27* in the morning on the playground just doesn't work in a fleece jacket!!!

Off to cook us something super warm for dinner :)  Stay warm out there.

Monday, December 2, 2013


Even my tea knows what time it is.

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving, thanks for all the good wishes and notes of thanks over the weekend.  So much appreciated.

We have now prepped for Christmas here.

The boy was excited to get to the star.
But he got most giddy over his own tree to decorate.

I do have to say it is amazingly done!  Good Job!

I did a little porch decorating too.

Glad I got it finished today...a big drop in temps are coming this week and I would have froze my fingers off tying knots and untangling lights.

We went out and supported friends and small business owners on Saturday.
I got this amazing ring from iadornu, so stoked!!!  Thanks Mary Beth it will be one of my all time favorite pieces. 

All in all it was a fun weekend and I still can't believe that Christmas is just a few weeks away.  How did that happen????

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving

A year ago these pictures were taken.
We had no idea the journey that lay ahead for our family and the amazing things that were to come.

In a year our boy has grown, began speaking in sentences, found a new school that treats him kind and teaches him as a typical student.
We have had many downs this year but we are thankful for them all to have made us stronger and push harder and get our lives on track.

We are awaiting big news this holiday season and I will be sure to share as soon as we know.  Til then, we will be thankful for all we have and have been given, lessons that we learned and the guts to fight for what we want.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Winter Wonderland

The most amazing thing has happened around here...it has turned to winter.
For 3 glorious days it has rained non-stop with bulky grey snow clouds covering every inch of the sky.
It is in the 40s everyday. Which means bundling up for us.  Yesterday I had on five layers, thin layers which made up for not having a coat.  I dawned my riding rain boots from Sorrel and braved the outdoors.  It makes it feel like a real winter and I love nothing more than being out in it.

If I had a fireplace I think I would stay home more and enjoy the sounds of the rain hitting the windows.  But otherwise, I like seeing the grey skies and the clouds puffy and rolling over the mountain tops.

These days are very, very rare in the late autumn or winter.
I will hate to see it end, I really should move to the Northwest.

In the evenings I sit and listen to the rain and crochet and sew, while the boy watches his new favorite movie, Frosty the Snowman.  He just loves to sing the song. I am still in love with making the Tilda whales, so I did this little art piece for my studio.
But I am working on some special bookmarks for friends,

Today was supposed to be the boys first riding lesson but the weather postponed it.  Instead he requested to go to the library, aka, the bookstore.
I was so on board with this since it is new magazine time.

He could sit and read for hours and that he did.  If it weren't for lunchtime  we would still be sitting there reading. 

Cozy and bundled up we will head out again after lunch to have some fun.
Maybe look for new yarn for me and the boy has requested a magic hat as Frosty has.  
Maybe he will get it to make Christmas snow ;))