Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Mountain Life

Give me snow and cold air, I am one happy girl.
Today we escaped desert life and hit the slopes.

Monday, January 4, 2016

Talkin Shop

Well here it is a new year and I am ready to take it on.

Trying to revamp my ETSY shop.  When I started this etsy shop in 2009 it started off with a bang.  It was a constant stream of orders.  I had clients that couldn't get enough of what I was making.  I would spend all day in my studio with a new baby in his bouncy by my side.

When his disability started to show, I had to put my shop on the back burner.  And truthfully, I lost my drive.  I hit that depression and had to realize my dream of a shop wasn't what I was called to do.  Boy have I learned that lesson over the years.  Yeah, it still hurts to look back but things happen for a reason and I love what I have learned.   Realizing I can't do it all,  I try to make when I can.  Making things that I really love and can put time and detail into.
Now I am only offering  a limited amount of product.

My paper pockets draw a lot of attention and emails so I am sticking with them as my top item I make.  They combine my love of sewing and vintage in one.
But I also love making small hand held clutch bags from vintage and reclaimed fabrics.  So I am offering them in small amounts.

The shop is small and just a few offerings are listed.  I am trying to make less but pack a bigger punch with detail and style.

Remembering that I don't have all day to sit in my studio and make.
I am first a mom, a teacher, a wife then a maker.
My schedule is full, from making sure everyone has food to eat, a dog to walk, me to walk, homeschool, errands to run, house to keep, appointments to make, time to read, and finding me time to crochet.
It is a lot! Plus then trying to get in the studio and make.
I am mom but I am also a maker.  It is my way to relax and reboot.  If I cant find time to do this then everyone suffers.

Thank you all that have stuck with me since day one here on the blog and encouraging me to keep making, with kind comments or purchasing of my things.  I am grateful

Saturday, January 2, 2016


Well I can't believe that I haven't blogged since September.  To me that says that life has been too busy and full of fun to sit behind a computer.

I have missed catching up with all of you out there so I hope to be able to make a few post in 2016.

Happy New Year to all of you that may still be out there.  I think blogging has become a thing of the past in this fast paced world of instant posting on IG and FB. 

I started this little blog in May of 2009  it seems like ages ago.  I was a new mom, longing to connect with people.  I made some amazing friends and it also ripped friends from my life.   This month is a fresh slate.  Removing all that was negative.  Maybe that is why I havent blogged in ages too.  I hated logging in and seeing feeds that I no longer wanted popping up.  Thankfully I was able to fix that today by removing over 50 accounts from my feed. 
Keeping those that really care or have blogs that have a meaning. 

Things are going good here as we continue to homeschool, WOW what a difference it has made in all of our lives.  Tucker the dog is now well on his way to becoming the boys service dog, and I am finally balancing motherhood, schoolteacher and crafting business woman...plus finding time for making new friends. 

Not only did I clean house on this little blog but in our life and home too.
More on that to come for another January post.

Cheers to all for 2016  wishing you all a great start on this new journey.