Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Back to Homeschool

This is our first week back in the swing of homeschool.
We are excited to have found a community of homeschoolers.
We will now have outings and classes along with like minded parents and children. 

This week we have been to orientation and found a mom with a son the same age as my boy, who also shares the same allergies and way of eating. And to put the cherry on top, they live right down the street from us.  Finally able to bond with a family who gets it. 

We are so excited to start supplemental classes at the resource center.  My boy will now have drama class, science, geography, and Polynesian studies.  I especially love drama and polynesian studies since his dad was born in Hawaii.
He will now bond with children like him and finally have friends to interact with.  

When we are not in classes or outings, we will be at home with set times and structured class at home.  So far he is doing so good. Granted it has only been 2 days but he is really dedicated to learning and wanting to do work.  It is really amazing to see the change in him and how the frustration has turned to happiness to learn.  He wants to know what everything around him says.  He is dying to learn more in reading.  He has a disability with learning sounds and sounding out words so he memorizes everything.   Everyday he sits and writes his words over and over as to learn the word and spelling of it.
I am so proud of him.
(learning to tie his shoes)

He has shown so much growth and maturity since leaving  the public school system.  I never thought I could handle it but seeing the results makes me work harder for him.
(art studies at the Bellagio Fine Arts Gallery, his best Picasso face)

So our summer is officially over. Now if someone would let the weather people know.  These heat warnings are killing us.  I am so ready to turn this AC off and feel a cool breeze. I am ready to ride my bike and show off my new crochet basket.

Well, when we are not schooling, which is about 10 pm at night, I get to sit and crochet.  I just finished up this poncho.  I am so in love with it.  Again it needs to get cold out so I can actually wear it.

I am also working on some other things that I will reveal as soon as I get further into them. 

Life is full and we are hanging in there.  This dog is so much fun and keeps a smile on our faces.  We are so glad he found his way to our home.  The cats, not so much...